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Why wellness isn't just reserved just for those on a gap year yoga retreat in Bali.

The topic of wellness and wellbeing can sometimes seem like it's only meant for those who meditate daily, smell of patchouli and chant manta's into the ether, those who walk barefoot, spend their holidays on expensive retreats, virtual signalling their better connection to the universe! You don't have to be a guru to connect with looking and feeling good, creating a life where daily stresses are just that bit more manageable and where life doesn't feel so unconnected.

It's why we've come to create the first self-care space in Suffolk, a non alienating space for women that helps you connect the dots between day-to-day life and little hits of manageable wellness, wellbeing and selfcare. We want to help you cultivate long lasting, healthy relationships with selfcare at home as well as in salon.

Luxury beauty and wellness salon in Lavenham, Suffolk.

Our Salon curator, Jodie welcomes you to explore our treatment offering, find out more about our wellness workshops or connect with our new "Blog" section to help you live a life of ease, comfort and intentional happiness

Peace & Love,

Jodie x

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