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The spring clean you never knew you needed. Achieve glowing skin from within.

We’ve introduced a new facial treatment to our gorgeous lavenham salon this week; DMK Enzyme Therapy. Put simply this treatment is all about “spring cleaning” your skin and rejuvenating it from the inside out. It’s the only facial treatment on the market that removes dirt, debris and toxins from in and around the skin cells then stimulates blood circulation to re-oxygenate the skin.

Why is it important to stimulate effective circulation in the skin? When the blood circulation is impaired all essential functions slow down; your skin doesn’t renew itself meaning a dull and tired appearance on the surface and more exasperated pigmentation. The skins protective system slows down meaning free-radicals (the things that accelerate skin ageing & damage) can cause more damage. A build up of waste and toxins causing breakouts and lack lustre complexion. The lymphatic system becomes sluggish causing puffiness and a lack of radiance. Blood flow through the capillary network becomes blocked creating a red mottled appearance and can make you appear to have broken capillaries! 

Our circulation is so important for a healthy skin inside and out.

Beginning with a foaming brush cleanse to prep the skin for gentle resurfacing, a mild peel is applied removing surface impurities and dead skin cells. The star of the show is the Enzyme mask, containing ingredients to create a plasmatic effect (increased blood flow) it sets on the skin whilst you relax for 45 minutes on our heated cloud bed (bliss), enjoying the sound of bird song from the Lavenham countryside. The mask boosting vital circulation and increasing oxygen within your skin, you awaken fresh, plump and rejuvenated. 


This treatment addresses absolutely every skin priority but I’ve chosen this treatment specifically for my guests that have broken capillaries, hormonal skin and those with dull complexions. 

You can give it a try this month for 20% off if you’re quick! Book using the  button below and use code DMK1 for your discount.

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